December 6, 2022

CNN’s Chris Cuomo just shut down top conservative lawmaker with brilliant question about DACA

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As a potential government shutdown looms, Republicans have begun repeating perhaps their most disingenuous talking point yet, claiming that Democrats have been prioritizing amnesty over funding the military.


Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of the conservative House Freedom Caucus spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo tonight and attempted to use his this line on him.

It didn’t work out well for the lawmaker.

“Nothing polls higher than ‘save these people who are the DREAMers, save these people, they don’t deserve to get thrown out.’ Even within your own party, three out of four Republicans say, do them the right way,” Cuomo explained.

Of course, Democrats are not prioritizing “amnesty,” but are making good on their promise to protect those who were brought into the United States through no fault of their own and have lived in this country their entire lives. Many of these people, who have taken advantage of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program – called DREAMers – know no other country than the United States.

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In actuality, Trump ended DACA in September, a move that was widely criticized for its inhumane implications. Trump has since publicly assured Americans that he would sign a bill for the program’s recipients.

Further complicating matters, Republicans are now claiming that our military is somehow at risk in the impending government shutdown. In reality, the Senate this year passed a $700 billion Pentagon bill, which is inclusive of an extra $60 billion for wartime missions in the Middle East. In fact, the United States spends more on its military than the next seven countries combined. Over 50 percent of the United States’ discretionary spending is on the military. In other words, our military is in absolutely no danger of being “defunded,” as Republicans are disingenuously suggesting.

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Of course, because Republicans control every branch of government, the responsibility for allowing a shutdown would fall squarely on their shoulders.

Cuomo, for his part, hits the nail on the head with his warning to the Congressman.

“Priorities matter, those are the choices. And as always, you’ll be judged at the polls.”

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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