Trump’s mental fitness test was just revealed and it’s laughable

This week the world got stunning news about Trump’s health from his physician Ronny Jackson. The president — who doesn’t believe in exercise, regularly eats large quantities of McDonald’s, is visibly overweight, and spends much of his time glued in front of the television — is supposedly in “excellent health.”

Additionally, Jackson tried to alleviate the rising concerns that the president is suffering from mental deterioration and is unfit for office by stating that Trump requested his cognitive skills be tested and that he subsequently passed.

The fact that the conversation around the president’s leadership and rhetoric has reached the low point where we are literally testing him for senility and mental unfitness just demonstrates the profound lack of national confidence in our current leader.

CNN reports that the cognitive test Jackson ran, called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, is a fast way of checking for “mild cognitive dysfunction.”  MoCA can be completed in a short ten minutes and focuses on simple memory and mental puzzles.

CNN provided an example of a section from MoCA. It’s full of shockingly simple tasks, and one imagines that — short of extremely advanced mental deterioration — anyone would be able to pass it. 

A president’s mind needs to be the sharpest in the room, and all this test shows is that Trump’s could conceivably be the sharpest in a room full of children.

The fact that Trump can successfully identify a camel and draw a clock does little to alleviate well-founded concerns that he shouldn’t be in charge of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal or be conducting diplomacy that will have reverberations for decades to come.

Maybe he doesn’t quite belong in a nursing home, but he certainly doesn’t belong in the Oval Office.