Trump’s Gorka just insulted Alyssa Milano on Twitter. Her comeback just broke the internet


Days ago, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to rail against Trump, whose “ideals” are the very opposite of those espoused by Dr. King and what this national holiday represents.

Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to Trump who was fired amid accusations of being a Nazi sympathizer, took to Twitter to lambast the actress for daring to criticize Dear Leader.

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Of course, what would be a Trump supporter’s tweet without some glaring grammatical error? Milano, for her part, deftly points this out in the most brilliant way possible.


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Not only has Gorka been accused of supporting neo-Nazis, but he has also been reported to have ties to an anti-Semitic Hungarian political party. The supposed association “forced him from the stage amid a barrage of questions over his links to the group” at a Georgetown event in April.

Perhaps an accused Nazi sympathizer shouldn’t be so eager to sanctimoniously grandstand on MLK Day. Of course, if he insists upon it, he should at least take care to check his spelling.

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