Barack Obama just announced a return to politics in 2018, and Trump should be worried

Despite remaining under the radar for much of last year, former President Barack Obama’s latest move signals a much different strategy for 2018.

The 44th President has indicated that he will “return to politics in 2018, setting the stage for a prominent role in the lead-up to the crucial midterm elections,” according to Newsweek.

Per his close associates, Obama will ramp up his political schedule with campaign stops and other displays of support for Democratic candidates. He will “continue to be politically active in 2018, with more endorsements and more campaigning,” said his spokeswoman Katie Hill to The Chicago Tribune.

It is no secret that “44” was reticent to speak out against Trump in 2017, but this year portends an entirely different Obama than we’ve seen thus far. While Trump has a dismal approval rating, the former President’s favorability rating of higher than 60 percent will be a boon as he stumps for Democratic candidates looking to unseat Republicans across the country.

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After the Republican Party’s devastating loss in Alabama, Trump has promised to set an ambitious campaign schedule heading into the 2018 midterm election cycle. However, it is unlikely that his name would actually help the candidates who should seek to distance themselves from the wholly unpopular president.

Trump may have spent the first year of his presidency obsessed with erasing his predecessor’s legacy. Obama will now spend this year erasing Trump’s majority on Congress.

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