Pranksters just hilariously trolled Tom Cotton after he defended Trump from “shithole” scandal

President Trump is an albatross that some members of the GOP are happily fastening around their necks. For some reason, be it political expedience or simply cowardice, they’ve chosen to defend our racist commander-in-chief regardless of how low he sinks. And continues to sink he does.

Just last week, Trump ignited his latest controversy when he made the stunningly racist statement that the United States should be taking fewer immigrants from “shitholes” like El Salvador, Haiti, and Africa and be courting more people from (white) countries like Norway. The news broke like a tidal wave around the world, and many media outlets finally caved and were forced to admit that the president is indeed blatantly racist.

Republican Senators Tom Cotton (AR) and David Perdue (GA) chose to seize the scandal as an opportunity to prove their loyalty to their glorious leader. While they originally claimed to not recall Trump’s comments, the two Senators — who attended the meeting where Trump made his racist pronouncement — told the White House that they had heard the president say “shithouse” not “shithole,” giving the administration leeway to claim that Trump hadn’t said what was being reported.

CNN reports that Cotton went as far as to accuse Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) of lying after Durbin confirmed that Trump had indeed made the racist comments as reported.

The move was immediately and rightfully identified by many as partisan hackery on the parts of Cotton and Perdue. It shows that the two men are willing to lie to the American people to protect the leader of their toxic party.

Now, someone has decided to take Cotton to task for his mendacity. An unknown prankster  edited the Senator’s Wikipedia page, adding a new section that was dripping with sarcasm:

“In early 2018 Cotton revealed he was hard of hearing and could not hear the president in a meeting discussing entire nations the government should discriminate against. Even though he claimed not to hear the President, he was confident enough in his guessing to call another senator a liar for confirming the content of this encounter. Fortunately, it was uncovered later that Sen. Cotton was just lying about that meeting and can hear just fine,” the edit read.

Cotton is a disgrace. He’s put the interests of the GOP above the interests of the United States, and he must be called out for his dishonesty and cravenness. While the edit to his Wikipedia page has since been removed, the internet is forever and this hilarious little tidbit will be haunting him for some time to come.