March 24, 2023

Hillary Clinton just went viral with a powerful MLK Day swipe at Trump on Twitter

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As America celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day, former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to not only share some poignant words from MLK, but offer a commentary on the current state of affairs in the United States.

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The quote, of course, is an underhanded swipe at Trump, whose assault on our national institutions makes enduring through this administration feel like days “dreary with low-hovering clouds of despair.”

Clinton’s message, however, is one of hope, as she suggests – using MLK’s words – that “there is a creative force in this universe working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able to make a way out of no way and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows.”

The quote comes from an address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference on August 16, 1967. However, it still rings true today.

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Just as Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to have survived through many of the historic achievements that came on the heels of his sacrifices, this nation will once again set itself on course to accomplish historic, progressive feats and regain its seat as a moral leader in the world.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

Managing editor

Brian Tyler Cohen is a political writer, actor, and comedy sketch director. He graduated from Lehigh University with a dual degree in English and Business. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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