November 30, 2022

Maxine Waters just turned up the heat on Steve Mnuchin after attempted coverup

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After Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin failed to respond to a December request for documents by House Financial Services Committee, ranking member Maxine Waters (D-CA) is putting the screws to him.


Following revelations from Steve Bannon about Jared Kushner’s “greasy” finances, Waters and other ranking Democrats are pushing Mnuchin further on whether he has any knowledge of foul play financially.

Waters and four other Dems signed a letter to that effect on Wednesday.

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The letter demands that Mnuchin respond to their request now languishing since December. They want to know what he knows about any money laundering on the part of Trump or his family members. They’re also wondering if maybe he facilitated any fishy financial transfers during his stint as a campaign official. Broadly, they want him to come clean about any instances of directing underlings to suppress information to that effect about the Trumps.

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Maxine Waters has been on a mission to uncover unsavory financial information about Trump and his family. Her requests to DeutscheBank AG, a major Trump lender, haven’t been successful due to confidentiality snafus.

This letter was an unusually direct request for info. They referred to information released in the recent bombshell book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff.

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“Mr. Bannon reportedly said ‘it all goes through Deutsche Bank and the Kushner [expletive],’” the letter said.

Mnuchin has until January 17 to deliver on their demands, and they’ve asked him to recuse himself from Treasury matters until then.

It remains to be seen whether they’ll get anything out of “Slippery Steve.” (Go ahead, Trump. You can have that one for free.) He hasn’t been all that forthcoming in the past. But he’s got to realize that this “nothing to see here” approach to covering up wrongdoing is pointing to one conclusion: wrongdoing.

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