December 8, 2022

Ex-Obama aide just broke the internet responding to Trump racism with his first tweet ever

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While this week brought with it a slew of ill-advised, racist comments by Trump, a former Obama aide named Gary Lee tweeted for the very first time and instantly went viral (see below).


Lee, a Korean-American who worked in the White House for the Obama administration, recounts a moving encounter that he had with the 44th President of the United States, drawing a massive distinction between the current occupant of the White House and his predecessor.

Lee’s anecdote comes amid the tumultuous aftermath of this week’s PR disasters for the President. Per Vox, during a briefing on the impending release of a family being held in Pakistan, Trump opted to ask the career intelligence analyst, who was born in New York but of Korean descent, where she was from. He then proceeded to ask his advisers why the “pretty Korean lady” wasn’t negotiating with North Korea.

This was, of course, not Trump’s only bigoted blunder. During an Oval Office meeting in which lawmakers suggested restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa, Trump lashed out at the prospect of enacting legislation for those who come from “shithole countries.”

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said while in a meeting with Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Durbin (D-IL), as well as those with hardline immigration stances, including Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), among others.

Trump’s glaring racism – while always present – is now drawing scorn from both within the United States and the international community.

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Lee’s story, then, is not only heartwarming, but a testament to just how compassionate, open-minded, and respectful the Obama White House operated—and just how much our executive branch has fallen under Trump.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

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