December 6, 2022

Actor Don Cheadle Just Revealed How Trump Refers To Black Women While Golfing

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Actor Don Cheadle took to Twitter to fight with some Trump fans – and the results are spectacular — and telling.


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Cheadle has apparently become a target for the far-right’s “liberal Hollywood elite” anger, and he deftly parried all the complaints that were sent his way.

But in his most astonishing revelation, he explained why his hatred for President Trump burns so bright – and confirms to all of us that Trump is, in fact, an unrepentant racist:

That story of Trump’s use of a racial slur while sexualizing women perfectly encapsulates what a vile and despicable man he truly is. All the stories and accusations leveled at Trump all corroborate each other and add to the credibility of all the other ones.

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How on earth did this scumbag ever get elected?

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