March 25, 2023

Violent new details just emerged about the Pro-Trump Governor’s sordid sex scandal

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The latest barrage of Republican hypocrisy to hit the news cycle is that of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. The member of the “family values” party has admitted to having an extramarital affair with his former hairstylist three years ago before he became Governor.

Greitens has been accused by his mistress’s ex-husband of blackmailing her with photos he took nonconsensually after consensually tying her up and blindfolding her in his basement. The philandering Governor has, not surprisingly, denied the damning allegation.

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One can hardly be surprised that a party which elected an admitted sexual assaulter and accused child rapist to the White House, and supported a serial pedophile for Senate in Alabama, would also contain a creep like Greiten. Their moralistic rhetoric is a blunt tool they wield to win elections, and all too often their personal lives are wastelands of immorality and cruelty.

Now, more disturbing details have emerged that paint the Republican Governor as an even bigger monster than previously thought.

Talking Points Memo reports that Greitens’s mistress told her then-husband in 2005 that the Greitens had slapped her after she told him that’d she’d had sex with her husband. That is to say, Greiten physically assaulted her after she revealed that she’d had relations with the man she was legally married to.

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Talking Points Memo learned of the alleged assault from a lawyer for the mistress’s ex-husband as well as Missouri Democratic operative Roy Temple. Greiten’s own lawyer denies the accusation.

“Greitens invited her to the Greitens family home and into a guest bedroom. Before engaging in sex, Greitens asked if she had had sex with anyone since their last encounter. According to the account he gave me, she replied that she had had sex with her husband, at which time Greitens slapped her,” Temple told TPM, recounting what he had learned from the woman’s husband.

If these accusations are true, Greitens should immediately resign as Governor. A man who physically assaults women should not be in charge of running an entire state. It’s vile, deeply misogynistic behavior and while it may be acceptable within the Republican Party, it shouldn’t be accepted as part of the broader United States.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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