Trump’s advisors just exposed the pathetic real reason for his anger at Sessions

Donald Trump has consistently repeated his frustrations with his Attorney General, and former campaign advisor, Jefferson “Jeff” Beauregard Sessions III, over Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation.

Today, the president’s advisors have leaked the true reason for Trump’s anger with his most devoted Cabinet member and it is pathetic in the extreme.

According to a new report from The Washington Post:

Trump is even turned off by the portrayal of Sessions on ‘Saturday Night Live’ by Kate McKinnon, advisers said. A senior White House official said that Trump’s frustrations were not a reflection of Sessions but that he found the portrayal ‘insulting.’


McKinnon has played Session as a gleefully sycophantic possum who sits on “Daddy” Trump’s lap begging for crumbs of love.

Check out this video, starting at 3:45:


A textbook narcissist, Trump cares more about appearances than anything else.

By looking to the public like the bootlicking, KKK-loving Keebler elf he is, Sessions commits a cardinal sin in Trump World — embarrassing the president.

Trump’s own advisors admit that, as angry as Trump is that Sessions chose to follow Department of Justice protocol — by recusing himself due to conflicts of interest in the Russia imbroglio, despite Trump asking him not to — the president is even angrier that Kate McKinnon’s caricature of America’s chief law enforcement officer is so devastating.

Of course, there is nothing McKinnon or Sessions could do to make Trump look as bad as Trump does himself.

The wannabe autocrat thinks the Department of Justice exists to protect him from the consequences of his crimes against America, rather than to protect the American people.

Trump’s obstruction of justice has set Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller hot on his trail.

When the verdict comes down, it will be the people who show Trump the role he was born to play . . .  that of the first American president to go to jail.

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