CNN’s Jake Tapper just used Trump’s own words to make him pay for his “shithole” comment

Today, Trump got caught calling Haiti and other developing nations “shithole countries.” 

A couple of weeks ago, he got caught saying all Haitians “have AIDS.”

This afternoon, CNN anchor Jake Tapper reminded Trump where he was while campaigning in Florida in September 2016.

At a rally in Little Haiti during the 2016 election, Trump told a group of Haitian-Americans, “I want to be your greatest champion.”

Like everything else out of Trump’s mouth — other than “I fired Comey because of the Russia investigation” — that was a lie.

Trump pejoratively compared El Salvador, Haiti and all of Africa to “nice countries like Norway” in a White House meeting on immigration with lawmakers of both parties yesterday, sending today’s internet into paroxysms of outrage. 

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” asked the “president.”

Imagine how the Haitian-Americans he lied to in 2016 feel now that they know his true feelings about them.

Haitian-American activists in Florida supported Trump against Hillary Clinton in the election.

He has demanded that almost 60,000 Haitian earthquake refugees be deported back to Haiti. by revoking their Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Now, he has added insult to injury by hurling slurs not once, but twice, according to numerous sources from both parties who were present.

Tapper just used Trump’s own words to prove that not only is the president a racist.  He is a liar.

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