December 10, 2022

Trump’s “Deportation Force” just raided 7-Elevens nationwide

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ICE just made a move that should turn your race-dar up to 11. Immigration officials’ sweeping raid operation is a thinly veiled attack on hardworking Americans.


ICE agents cracked down on 98 7-Eleven franchises, serving them with notices of inspection and plans to conduct interviews with managers and employees.

Officials framed it as a move to “eliminate unfair competitive advantages for companies that exploit illegal immigration,” but the whole thing smacks of obvious racism.

ICE seems to be targeting 7-Eleven based exclusively on tired stereotypes about who works at convenience stores.

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A top ICE official’s statement doubles as a warning: that this is “a harbinger of what’s to come.”

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Benner’s statement echoes a chilling trend across the country when it comes to immigration enforcement.

ICE has repeatedly announced plans to ramp up enforcement and increase the number of raids in this first year of the Trump Administration.

Raids have been expanded vastly, so that 70% of the people caught are non-targets, immigrants here legally who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. ICE is using basic racial profiling to intimidate huge swaths of people solely based on the color of their skin.

In September, ICE stepped up immigration enforcement directly targeting “Sanctuary Cities,” cities that limit their cooperation with the federal government to enforce immigration following. 500 people were arrested. Of them, only 317 had criminal convictions.

Regular people are being targeted just going about their day-to-day life, not just people with criminal records.

In July, a Los Angeles area father was arrested and faced deportation when ICE agents intercepted him dropping his kids off at school.

An undocumented mother of four children took up sanctuary in a North Philadelphia Church to hide from ICE agents attempting to deport her to Mexico.

A series of raids last year terrified college students and young people working to support themselves in Austin, Texas.

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An ICE report released at the end of the year indicates just how much immigration enforcement has ramped up in the first year of the Trump Administration. Arrests for immigrants with civil violations increased 30%. The number of immigrants with no criminal record whatsoever who were arrested doubled.

It’s a complete reversal of the Obama-era policy, which focused on removing illegal immigrants with criminal records.

ICE made 10,000 more “at large” arrests last year. Those are arrests that take place in a community, not in a jail or prison, which means it’s not necessarily targeting those with criminal records, but simply anyone suspected of being undocumented.

These 7-Eleven raids serve only to intimidate contributing members of their local communities. When ICE targets communities at large, it has terrible effects on innocent people: children stay home from school and American businesses struggle to find enough labor to stay afloat. All this does is serve the Trump Administration’s racist “America First” agenda.


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