December 8, 2022

Trump just humiliated Norway’s Prime Minister during a joint press conference

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In a joint press conference today, Trump took the opportunity to steamroll his co-star, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Stolberg. In addition to all his greatest hits – no collusion, it was the Democrats – Trump claimed that the Norwegian Prime Minister thanked him personally for the economy.


Specifically, he claimed she thanked him for the strong performance of her own US stock investments.

Trump has often repeated the claim that health of the economy is all thanks to him.

A poll released today, however, reports that more Americans think that Obama is responsible for the health of the economy than think it’s all Trump’s doing.

Those who think Obama deserves the credit make up 49% of respondents, while only 40% of people think Trump is to thank.

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That’s up from just a couple of months ago. On Nov. 22, Quinnipiac conducted the same poll, and 43% of people thought Obama was responsible for the strong economy.

Trump has been on a tear about the economy, taking credit for the strength of the stock market at every opportunity.

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Sometimes he has his surrogates do the heavy lifting on this one.

But it’s one of his favorite refrains.

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Especially when combined with airing grievances about the “fake news media” and their failure to give him credit for his economic accomplishments.

Most Americans, however, know better than to believe these claims. It’s become clear now, that the more he tweets it, the less we believe it.


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