Trump just announced a “Vindication Tour” at Davos’ World Economic Forum


Trump’s about to stick his nose in yet another place he doesn’t belong. There’s very few places Trump belongs less than at the annual gathering of international money and power at Davos, Switzerland. (A dressing room filled with teens at a beauty pageant, maybe, but he’s already been there.)

Trump’s minders announced plans to take him on a “vindication tour” at Davos, where it seems like Trump will yell his faux-populist, isolationist, America First agenda even louder than usual – partially because that’s just how to he talks to people who speak another language.

The Trump team is calling it a “vindication tour,” since Trump’s coming in with a strong economy, what they describe as a “win” on tax reform, and job growth to recommend him. Those, they argue, constitute something of an “I told you so” to throw in the face of the wealthy international elite at Davos who turned up their noses at him.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press that this was Trump’s idea.

This, after aides convinced him it wouldn’t be the same social suicide G-7 and G-20 were. (G7 produced such headlines as “Trump rode golf cart while G7 leaders walked through Sicily,” and G20 saw Trump completely sidelined by the G19 over his move to pull out of the Paris Accords.)

Trump’s people are convinced he’ll perform better at Davos since he’ll be able to give a speech uninterrupted.


No word yet on whether he’ll commute “executive time” and socialize with everyone else at the party. The famously “insulationist” Trump prefers locking himself in his bedroom with only a cheeseburger and cable news for company – per Michael Wolff’s book – to cocktails and conversation with the international elite.

The real business of Davos gets done at the parties and dinners after hours. And Trump does not play well with others. This “Vindication Tour” may well backfire, vindicating the very critics Trump plans to gloat at.

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