December 6, 2022

Twitter is dancing on the grave of Steve Bannon’s career, and it’s hilarious

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In a stunning turn of events,  it turns out far-right ideologue, former Trump campaign adviser and disgraced White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon is out at the fascist hate-rag known as Breitbart News.


Bannon’s overconfident interviews with Michael Wolff came back to backfire in a big way. He told the author that “greasy” Jared Kushner’s money laundering activities were going to bring the entire administration down and that Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., had engaged in “treason” when he met with Russian lawyer Nataliya Veselnitskaya.

His comments prompted a swift backlash from the White House and from their billionaire taskmasters, who have inevitably decided to side with the demented, sallow-skinned racist in the Oval Office instead of the demented, sallow-skinned racist with a racist magazine.

His swift and very public demise was met with cheers on Twitter, whose users were quick to dance on the grave of Bannon’s political career and to pour salt in the wound of the despised propagandist.

Here’s a collection of the best responses:

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