December 8, 2022

Trump just used an immigration press conference to talk about Oprah

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On Sunday night, Oprah Winfrey delivered a show-stopping speech in which she called for greater accountability in society and an end to the brutal treatment of women that has been going on for far too long. She gave a hopeful vision of the future that is desperately needed right now in a country gripped by partisan and racial divides.


Almost immediately, talk began to swirl that Oprah might pursue a presidential bid in 2020. While she would certainly do a much better job than the incompetent racist hatemonger currently occupying the Oval Office, it’s crucial that Democrats resist the urge to fight a celebrity candidate with a celebrity candidate.

Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that governing experience actually matters. And, given the colossal mess that he’s made of the world at large, it’s key that his successor has the experience to dig in and fix the myriad of problems that have sprung up.

Oprah would be a vast improvement, but there are Democrats who have been working away in government for years who understand the system and who would be better choices to lead the party.

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Now, Trump has personally responded to the Oprah rumors. Perhaps fearing that outright attacks might inspire her to run and beat him, or perhaps (rightfully) recognizing that she is far more popular than him, Trump struck an uncharacteristically amicable tone.

When asked about a potential Winfrey bid, he said he would beat Oprah in an election, but that it would be a fun race and he likes her personally.

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The comments were made during a press conference about immigration reform because Trump couldn’t contain himself and jumped at the chance to talk about Oprah rather than substantive policy initiatives.


Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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