December 6, 2022

The Trump administration just unveiled their terrifying plan to deport American citizens

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While President Trump may not have the money yet to build his expensive, unnecessary wall along the Mexican border, his administration is moving full speed ahead on turning the U.S. from a place that welcomes immigrants to one that works hard to boot them out.


On the same day Trump’s Department of Homeland Security ended protections that have allowed over 200,000 refugees from El Salvador to live in the U.S. – many for more than 15 years – the Justice Department also said it may revoke the U.S. citizenship already granted to as many as 315,000 current citizens – a number of whom have lived in the U.S. for many years – as part of the ramping up of “Operation Janus.”

Operation Janus dates back to 2016, seeking out immigrants who went through the long process to become citizens but for whatever reason did not have digital fingerprint records that Homeland Security and the FBI to check whether that person was actually ineligible because of a criminal background or other reasons.

Today the DOJ announced that a U.S. District Court judge in New Jersey had “entered an order” marking the cancellation of the citizenship of an immigrant, in this case, Baljinder Singh (aka Davinder Singh), a native of India, who entered the U.S. in 1991 without proper documents but still managed to get past immigration officers.

He was ordered deported in 1992 but never showed up for his hearing. Singh eventually married a U.S. citizen and got his naturalization certificate in 2006. Now he has been ordered deported.

“Singh’s denaturalization is the first arising out of a growing body of cases referred to the Department of Justice by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as part of Operation Janus.,” DOJ said in a press release today. 

The U.S. authorities now say they have already identified at least 858 other “citizens” who should now be deported. But that is just a start.

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Operation Janus has identified 315,000 people granted citizenship without proper fingerprint data being available digitally, It says it has at least 1,600 more ready for prosecution, some of whom may have circumvented background checks or criminal record checks in the naturalization process.

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The Salvadorians being forced to leave the U.S. by September 2019 never became citizens. They were admitted under the Temporary Protected Status (TPC) program that allowed people into the U.S. because they were coming from countries with wars, civil upset, natural disasters, an epidemic or for other reasons leading to compassionate treatment.

Many of those who came from El Salvador had suffered due to earthquakes, war, and other problems, a lot of which persist today. Although there is no official war, El Salvador has a corrupt government, a terrible gang problem and other persisting problems.

CNN reports that U.S. officials have “dismissed questions about the violence and economic conditions that persist in El Salvador, including the MS-13 gang that has been a top target of this administration, saying those factors are irrelevant to the decision.”

This will disrupt families and force people who have been law-abiding and paid their taxes to leave, or seek out some other basis on which to stay.

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“They have resettled, established their families and lives here in the United States,” Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va) told CNN. ” Most of them see themselves much more as American citizens than Salvadoran citizens and to end that protection and program is going to disrupt many communities across the United States, It’s inhumane and not consistent with American values.”

“These innocent people fled their home country after a disastrous earthquake,” says Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fl.), “and while living conditions have improved, El Salvador now faces a significant problem with drug trafficking, gangs, and crime.”

“It would be devastating to send them home,” adds Diaz-Balart, “after they have created a humble living for themselves and their families.”

It is not just people from El Salvador who are facing deportation as Trump tried to end the TPC program. People from Haiti, Nicaragua and elsewhere are also facing mass deportations.

While America was once a place that welcomes immigrants who were willing to work hard, raise families and earn citizenship, under Trump it is a frightening, heartless country that treats every foreigner as someone suspicious and untrustworthy.

This hurts the U.S. economy, destroys diversity and takes away workers who will often do low-level jobs in food service, agriculture, and manufacturing that often U.S. citizens will not do, hurting the entire American economy.

It is one thing to be heartless but another to be stupid and in the end, hurt the immigrants and hurt America. 

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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