Ron Perlman just pointed out what everyone missed about Trump forgetting National Anthem


Before the onset of tonight’s College Football National Championship game between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama, Trump had already managed to stir controversy with his dismal display while trying to recite the National Anthem.

Actor Ron Perlman deftly pointed out the one glaring issue as news that Trump forgot the words to the National Anthem began to spread.

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Amid reports that Trump is wholly disinterested in learning the United States Constitution, continues to nominate unanimously unqualified judges to the federal bench, and has installed as heads of government agencies people who are directly at odds with their core missions, it comes at no surprise whatsoever that he would not know the words to the National Anthem.


Despite Trump’s proclivity for attacking athletes who “take the knee” in protest against police brutality at professional NFL games, the President didn’t seem especially interested in any overt – or basic, for that matter – display of patriotism tonight, opting instead to fumble along as the National Anthem filled the stadium.

Either Trump – who has effectively predicated his presidency on respecting the flag and the National Anthem – never learned the words to the Star Spangled Banner or is so mentally deteriorated that he’s forgotten them. In any case, he took to the field to seemingly mouth random words that don’t quite manage to synch up with the song’s lyrics– if he sang at all.

If Trump is so intent upon sanctimoniously harping on patriotism, he should at least take care to show some of it when it counts. Or at least learn it beforehand.

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