December 6, 2022

Federal judge just delivered a deadly blow to Trump’s DACA plans in bombshell ruling

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There’s been a huge development in the ongoing struggle to protect the Dreamers, the beneficiaries whose immigration status is protected under DACA.


U.S. District Judge William Alsup of in San Francisco just issued an injunction blocking the Trump Administration from ending the program as it announced it would do in September.

The Judge ordered the government to maintain the program as it existed prior to the decision to end it.

But the Judge also ruled that the government has no obligation to process new DACA applications for people who were not already covered by the program as of the September announcement.

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DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was established under the Obama Administration. The program granted temporary amnesty to people brought to this country illegally as children. 800,000 people, mostly young people in their teens and twenties are covered under this program.

The Trump administration’s announcement that it would end the program in September drew fierce criticism from Democrats, who noted that it was needlessly cruel to send young people back to countries of which they had no memory and to which they have no relationship.

Hundreds of thousands of Dreamers have been stuck in limbo since the announcement, worrying that their college educations and jobs would be in jeopardy should the administration fail to replace DACA with something else.

The status of DACA has been a huge bidding chip in negotiations between Democrats and Trump over immigration reform and the fate of Trump’s “wall.”

Those hundreds of thousands of Dreamers can breathe a temporary sigh of relief after the Judge’s ruling, and Democrats will return to the negotiating table in a seriously favorable position, now that Trump has lost his major source of leverage for the Wall.

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