December 10, 2022

These Trump tweets about Oprah just resurfaced as rumors of her political ambitions swirl

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After the internet launched a campaign last night to encourage our Queen Oprah Winfrey to change her title to “President,” it also preemptively unearthed Trump’s tweets in support of her.


Oprah gave a rousing speech at the 75th Golden Globes while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award that had the world dabbing a tear and launching a hashtag: #Oprah2020.

She condemned sexual harassment and expressed support for women coming out against their accusers and “speaking their truth.” Watch the speech here.

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Though two of her friends told CNN that Oprah is considering a run for president, she told interviewers after the Globes that she had no plans to do so.

Meryl Streep, whose anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes last year became a rallying point for The Resistance, was quoted as hoping Oprah would run.

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NBC briefly got in on the groundswell of support, with a tweet that drew criticism before it was ultimately taken down.

While Trump hasn’t yet reversed his documented stance on Oprah, it’s only a matter of time. As happens with anyone he knows who starts to overshadow him in the press (Flynn, Papadopoulos, Bannon), he inevitably disavows them, insults them, and claims to never have even really known them. This despite mountains of evidence – his own tweets, photos, video footage – that he definitely did know and love all these people at once point.

Trump’s going to have a hard time convincing the world he hates Oprah, given the paper trail of tweets, appearances on her show, and just the fact that no one hates Oprah. If she does decide to run, Trump’s looking at a serious uphill battle.

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