December 1, 2022

Eric Trump just ignited a media firestorm with controversial birthday costume

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Eric Trump, the lesser of two evils, celebrated his birthday in style and poor taste.


The 34 year-old gathered with friends and family at his favorite restaurant Guadalajara in Briarcliff Manor, NY over the weekend.

He celebrated by donning a sombrero and apparently forcing one on at least one of his guests.

In addition to cultural appropriation, he also celebrated by blowing out the candles on a Fudgie the Whale cake, which even though it’s delicious doesn’t make up for the poor taste of a bunch of white guys in sombreros like it’s Spring Break ’99.

It’s not the best look either, considering his dad’s position on Mexican immigrants and his immigration policies in general.

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Trump has had some choice words in the past when discussing Mexican-Americans and his immigration policies.

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The most infamous outburst had him exclaiming, ““They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Doesn’t seem like he’s the kind of dad to put aside his personal opinions to go to a restaurant called Guadalajara to share his son’s favorite fajitas with him, even on Eric’s birthday.

Looks like Eric is following in his father’s footsteps where cultural sensitivity is concerned.


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