December 1, 2022

The embarrassing transcript of Stephen Miller’s off-camera CNN tantrum just leaked

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Yesterday, during an already-infamous CNN segment, anchor Jake Tapper interviewed White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller. Miller, perhaps the most odious and regressive member of one of the most toxic administrations in history, gave a downright Goebellian defense of Donald Trump, singing his praises and attempting to steamroll over any criticisms or meaningful discussion.


The nasally, heavy-lidded, snake oil salesman refused to conduct himself like an adult and repeatedly attempted to talk over Tapper. It’s the only rhetorical style Miller ever employs, due to the transparent vapidity of his ideas and his demonstrated inability to formulate an argument that doesn’t rely on naked xenophobia.

Tapper rightfully pointed out that Miller was performing for an audience of one, his orange vulgarian master, and abruptly ended the disastrous interview.



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It soon emerged that once the cameras stopped rolling, Miller was so agitated that he refused to leave as requested. Eventually, CNN’s security was forced to escort the professional bootlicker out of the building.

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Now, Arden Farhi of CBS News has revealed more details about the contentious interaction between Miller and Tapper. Before he was escorted off the premises, Miller complained that he wasn’t given enough time to tell the “truth” about Trump, and took special umbrage at Tapper’s (accurate) assessment of him as a Trump factotum.

Miller added that he was “offended” by Tapper and CNN at large. It comes across as supremely whiny, which is appropriate given Miller’s boss’s own penchant for playing the victim. Bullies like Miller love to insult minorities and oppressed groups, but as soon as their own delicate personalities are so much as questioned they fall apart.

Miller is the perfect embodiment of the sort of verminous, obsequious, creatures that flock to would-be autocrats like Trump. They’re perfectly willing to sell out any principles they may have previously claimed to hold in the hope of drinking from the power of their superiors.

They populate the history books, enabling the worst types of leaders and paving the way for all manner of degradations and atrocities. Miller has somehow failed his way upwards into the White House, and our national reputation is irrevocably damaged by that fact.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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