December 8, 2022

Clinton’s labor secretary just demolished Trump’s “stable genius” defense in blistering op-ed

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Robert Reich, who served as Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton, has emerged as a relentless critic of Donald Trump, providing smart analysis of all the dumb things the president has done.


In the wake of the bombshell book “Fire and Fury,” however, Reich has found a reason to point out what Trump is really good at – “being an extraordinarily talented conman.”

“This is where Trump shines,” writes Reich in a new analytical article. “He knows how to manipulate people. He has an uncanny ability to discover their emotional vulnerabilities – their fears, anxieties, prejudices, and darkest desires – and use them for his own purposes.”

Reich writes that for more than a year he has been hearing from “people in the inner circles of Washington” that “Donald Trump is remarkably stupid.”

However, Reich couldn’t believe someone who was truly stupid could be elected president – even after hearing the president was lambasted as a “moron” by his Secretary of State, but he had to reconsider after reading in Michael Wolff’s book that National Security Advisor called Trump a “dope,” and even Rupert Murdoch said he was an “f—-ing idiot.”

Still, opines Reich, “Even if Trump doesn’t read, can’t follow a logical argument, and has the attention of a fruit fly, it still doesn’t follow that he’s stupid.”

“There’s another form of intelligence,” continues Reich, “called ’emotional intelligence.'”

A concept first put forward in the 1990s, emotional intelligence is about the ability to “understand and manage our own emotions” and “recognize and influence the emotion of others.”

While Trump is not very good at managing his own emotions, says Reich, he does influence the emotions of other very well.

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“He’s always been a conman,” explains Reich. “He conned hundreds of young people and their parents into paying to attend his nearly worthless Trump University. He conned banks into lending him more money even after he repeatedly failed to pay them.”

Reich says he actually hasn’t been a great conman or he would be richer and more of his efforts would have paid off. Even so, Trump’s ultimate con is the one that got him elected.

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“He conned 62,979,879 Americans to vote for him in November 2016,” writes Reich, “by getting them to believe his lies about Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the ‘wonderful,’ ‘beautiful’ things he’d do for the people who support him.”

“And he’s still conning most of them,” adds Reich. 

Trump has recently called himself a “genius,” and Reich agrees in a perverted way he is, in fact, a kind of “genius,” but adds that is what makes him such a threat to all of us and the entire globe.

“Political conning is Trump’s genius,” adds Reich. “It’s this genius – when combined with his utter stupidity in every other dimension of his being – that poses the greatest danger to America and the world.”

Reich is proving that having Trump as president, with his finger on the nuclear trigger, with his ability to undermine friendships and destroy longterm global alliances, that every day he is in office adds to the problems he can and does cause.



Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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