(WATCH) Trump just held a rare press conference at Camp David to address bombshell book


President Trump is obviously not capable of letting things just roll off his back. We’re well into our third day of Trump responding to the work of “fiction” that has consumed Washington all week – Michael Wolff’s searing tell all “Fire and Fury.”

In an effort to play it cool and totally not make this into a way bigger deal than it already is, Trump held a press conference at Camp David on a Saturday to respond to allegations that people think he’s an idiot.

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His performance hardly inspired confidence in his mental stability.

Earlier this morning, Trump launched one of his reliable tweet storms, calling himself a “stable genius,” which is not something most geniuses go out of their way to call themselves.

During the press conference, Trump pulled out the old playbook for dealing with close personal and professional connections who turn on him.


Like he’s done before with George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn, Trump claimed to not even know Michael Wolff, blaming any access to the White House he may have gotten on “Sloppy Steve” Bannon.

Trump has been in damage control mode all week following excerpts from and then the publication of “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff.

The book, by a noted journalist with a history of publishing this kind of searing expose, has captivated Washington and the country with stunning revelations about the inner workings of the Trump administration, or really the lack thereof.

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Some of the biggest and most damning revelations include those that allege no one inside the Trump White House considers the president mentally capable of doing his job, and that in fact many people close to him regard his as everything from an “idiot” to a fool.

Trump has been aggressively denying these accusations on Twitter, through his lawyers, in the press, and now in person. It’s not exactly the behavior of a dignified President who is above petty rumor mongering. Seems like maybe Trump is bothered by the smear campaign because there’s a ring of truth to the smear?



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