March 24, 2023

Trump tweeted about being a “stable genius.” Dan Rather’s response is spot on

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Trump took to twitter this morning with another patented tweet storm, this time to respond to allegation about his mental fitness in Michael Wolff’s bombshell book “Fire and Fury.”

His rant ran on for three tweets (followed by a Saturday morning press conference) in which he called himself a “very stable genius.”

Dan Rather said what we were all thinking, but better than we could ever say it.

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Rather was responding to this stream of consciousness twitter rage from the President early this morning. Note the time stamps here – he’s up at the crack of dawn already losing his mind over what the world is no doubt already convinced of.

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Doesn’t inspire much confidence in the President’s mental stability, to have him up before the sun rises to fire off this ill-thought out tweet thread.

Trump has been obsessing all week about revelations from Wolff’s book, and with good reason since it’s all Washington has been talking about.

He’s specifically concerned – and so is everyone else – about passages that quote multiple White House aides and members of the Trump Administration and inner circle as deeply concerned about the President’s mental fitness and capability of doing the job of running the country.

Various quotes include references to the President as a “fool” and an “idiot.” And these are coming from everyone from Rupert Murdoch on down to lowly White House aides.

Trump isn’t convincing anyone here, either of his mental fitness or genius stability, or that he’s in anyway capable of leading the country. And Dan Rather is totally right – if you got it, you don’t need to say it.

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