December 1, 2022

Trump aides just revealed the real reason they spoke so freely to bombshell book author

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Michael Wolff just revealed in another one on one interview with the Hollywood reporter why he had such incredible access to the Trump administration while reporting for “Fire and Fury.”


The thing is, no one in this world seems to know what a book is.

He described an average exchange with Trump aides on any given day while securing access.

“I’m writing a book,” and they go, “Oh. A book.” It’s like a cloak of invisibility. And then also they would do this thing that would be like, “Oh, this is off the record.” And I would say, “I would like to use it for the book.” And they would say, “Well, when does that come out?” And I would say, “Next year.” “Oh, oh, yeah, OK, fine.”

These aides weren’t the only ones who didn’t seem to have any idea what a book was. Trump didn’t either. One thing everyone seems to find mind-blowing is that Wolff wrote a similar tell-all about Rupert Murdoch a few years ago. Murdoch’s people had a similar stunned reaction when that book turned out to be personal and unflattering – they didn’t seem to understand what a biography is.

Trump seems to have responded the same way to the proposition. It will surprise no one that Trump does not read books. He doesn’t even read articles. He had plenty of chances for fair warning that this is what Wolff might do, since Wolff started with a profile of Trump in the Hollywood Reporter.

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Wolff surmises that Hope Hicks probably told Trump that story was “great.” It wasn’t. But what does he care.

Wolff described some of the more stunning procedural discoveries to the Hollywood Reporter. On interviewing Trump and speaking directly with him about getting the access to begin with, Wolff said,

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He just talks at you. “Blah blah blah blah blah blah. I’m great. I’m great. I’m great. I’m great.” And then he sort of says, “And you’re great, too. And I’m really great.”

And then Wolff described the people we’ve become familiar with, the usual cast of characters we all make guesses about and turn into villainous side characters.

These people are all normal, average, ambitious, competent people who are trying to do well and do their jobs and all that.

Wolff talked about who’s the next to go.

Dina Powell has already announced that she’s going. Gary Cohn is basically out the door. I wouldn’t imagine that John Kelly will make it to the spring. This is very, very, very hard duty.

All in all, it looks like there’s plenty more to come from this book. “Fire and Fury” is the gift that keeps on giving, unless you’re Trump himself. Then it’s the nightmare that won’t end.

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