Tiffany Trump just took a swipe at her dad’s McDonald’s habit (WATCH)

Trump family black sheep Tiffany made a rare appearance in the press and they got a real sound byte out of her.

TMZ caught up with Tiffany in Los Angeles and asked her about one of the more salacious revelations from Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury.”

A passage from the book describes the President’s obsession with McDonald’s, chalking it up to his fear of being poisoned. But it’s the when and the where of his habit that really got people talking.

Wolff revealed that the President would often lock himself in his bedroom to escape from the pressures of the day and kick back in bed with some McDonald’s.

TMZ asked Tiffany if that was true, and she responded with “he wishes.”

She did not deny the fact of his McDonald’s habit, though. And it seems like her response was a deflection more than a denial.

The fallout from this book is chipping away at everyone’s confidence in Trump, if there was any left there to begin with. Not even his family members can save him now, the revelations are too damning.

It looks like even the least favorite Trump child can help him now. If you can’t even count on the support of Tiffany Trump, you know you’re in trouble.