A white ESPN host just insulted Trump like Jemele Hill did. The network’s response speaks volumes


A second ESPN host has been reprimanded for negative comments made about President Trump, but something’s not quite right here.

Katie Nolan, a relatively new host on ESPN, made her feelings about President Trump known during an appearance on Viceland’s “Desus & Miro” late nite talk show.

“That’s because he’s a (bleep),” Nolan said. “Back it up. Back it up. That’s because he is a f—king stupid person.”

ESPN’s communications director issued a statement to the Washington Post.

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“We have looked into the totality of Nolan’s comments, they were inappropriate and we have addressed it with her.”

Nolan’s punishment doesn’t seem to have extended beyond that address. That’s pretty lenient considering what her colleague, Jemele Hill faced last year for Tweets expressing her opinion on Trump.

Hill, an African American host for the network, issued a series of tweets in response to the events in Charlottesville and Trump’s response to them in which he appeared to endorse White Supremacists.


That tweet drew outrage from the White House and beyond. A few weeks later, Hill tweeted in response to the owner of the Dallas Cowboys threatening to bench players who kneeled during the national anthem. ESPN suspended her for two weeks after that.

After the incident, ESPN adjusted its guidelines for social media and political commentary to make them more stringent.

Why then, isn’t Nolan facing similar punishment to Hill? Ostensibly her comments violate those same guidelines, which ESPN acknowledged in the statement confirming that they’ve addressed it with her. Both took to the media to express their negative views on Trump but Nolan seems to be getting special treatment.

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