December 8, 2022

Trump just tweeted about “jobs, jobs, jobs,” immediately got terrible news

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In this morning’s self-congratulatory tweet, Trump touted the strength of the stock market from the day he was elected to today. Notwithstanding the fact that he didn’t enter office until January of 2017, he attempts to make the tenuous connection between the rising Dow Jones Industrial Average and job creation.


However, only hours after Trump tweeted about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” December’s job report was released, showing that a very lukewarm 148,000 jobs were added in the United States this month. This figure is below what the economy added for most of the year.

With December’s job report in, the job growth figures for the full year of 2017 are now in. Under Trump, 2,055,000 jobs were added. That figure is the lowest since 2010, as the country was mired in the Great Recession.

More jobs were added under President Obama every year since 2011.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Stastics

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While Trump may certainly lie, the numbers don’t. So far, Trump’s “Make America Great Again agenda” is not that great.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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