A top Trump advisor just threw Kushner and Eric Trump under the bus in revealing tweet


If damning with faint praise is an art form, Brad Parscale is Picasso.

The former Trump campaign advisor — whose Twitter timeline reads like a sycophantic ode to his erstwhile boss — tried to bury backstabbing incrimination against his own buddies Jared Kushner and Eric Trump in a seemingly laudatory tweet today.

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Parscale — whom Kushner hired and protected from scrutiny despite colleagues’ queries about his qualifications — appears to have thrown the man many call “his patron” under the bus in an attempt to save himself from congressional investigations into Trump-Russia collusion.

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By saying, “Not one person made a decision without their approval,” the digital media director for pro-Trump non-profit America First Policies plants culpability for interactions with Russia not only squarely at the feet of the already-embattled Kushner, but also of Eric Trump — who until now has escaped inquiry.


Things are heating up for Parscale himself, as the man who directed Kushner’s questionable campaign data operation to the tune of $91 million.

Details emerging from congressional investigations increasingly suggest that Kushner’s data program cooperated with Russia to illegally mine Facebook data and target voters with propaganda.

Despite his gushing over the Trump “family’s amazing ability,” Parscale’s tweet preemptively eschews accountability for any wrongdoing, establishing that the buck stopped with Kushner and Eric Trump.

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With today’s release of Michael Wolff’s explosive exposé Fire and Fury, Trump World is scurrying around like a bunch of rats on a sinking ship, climbing over each other to save  themselves.

Unfortunately for Parscale, no matter whom he betrays, the ship is still going down and there’s no way off.

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Lucia Brawley

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