Ruth Bader Ginsburg just threw a major wrench into Donald Trump’s plans for the Supreme Court

In these dark times for America, there is one ray of light – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has signaled she will return for another term on the nation’s highest court despite being 84-years-old.

The signal comes with the news that Ginsburg has picked her full complement of clerks for the coming term, all of them top-level college graduates, notes Newsweek. 

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That will be frustrating news to President Trump, who has made his dislike of Ginsburg very public since she commented when he was running for president that she could not imagine what the country would be like with him as president, criticized him for not releasing his tax returns and later called him a “faker” with a big ego.

Trump demanded Ginsburg resign but happily she ignored him, and she now is about to celebrate her quarter-century mark on the court.

Since he was elected, Ginsburg has been more circumspect about commenting on Trump, but the important thing is that she remains a reliable vote for the kind of solid American values of honor and compassion that President Obama represented.

That has some calling her the Notorious RBG, a compliment comparing her to a rap star.

She is the opposite of many of the right-wing hacks that Trump and his administration have nominated to fill appointments on the federal bench, many of them for a lifetime. No other president has ever jammed as many politically motivated choices,  many lacking even basic qualifications, as Trump has been doing. 

But Trump’s big goal is to add more Supreme Court justices, to go with his pick of Neil Gorsuch, who was barely approved by Republicans along party lines.

Trump is so hot to choose another Supreme Court justice in November he revealed his list of potential nominees – even before there is a vacancy.

Ginsburg’s role as a beacon for justice, freedom, human rights and protections for everyone is more important than ever with a president and Republican Congress that seems to act more like a third world dictator and his cronies than fair-minded citizens.


Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.