A new report just revealed that Democrats are poised to make electoral history


According to a revealing new report by A.P. Joyce in today’s Mic, Democrats stand poised to achieve a modern electoral record, by having a candidate running in every single congressional race in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections.

A Democratic candidate has yet to file with the Federal Election Commission in only 20 out of 435 upcoming House of Representatives elections. Out of those, three have already declared their candidacy and intend to file.

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The filing deadline is still seven months out and the remaining 17 seats are held by Republican congresspeople with significant vulnerabilities.

In fact, all Republicans at every level of government currently have significant vulnerabilities, thanks to their party’s ruthless tax scam, funding of the Senate campaign of credibly accused child molester Roy Moore, and association with the chaotic and treasonous Trump administration.

There are, meanwhile, 80 House seats for which Republicans have yet to file.


This year, the Senate will have 33 seats up for grabs, with Republicans holding only a two-point lead there.

So, if you are a Democrat living in one of those open districts, run.

At the very least, get out and vote for a Democrat, no matter what district you’re in.

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