Michael Moore just exposed the dirty truth behind Trump’s childish nickname habit

Filmmaker Michael Moore is mad at Trump, but its not for the reason you’d expect.

Looks like Trump is plagiarizing himself, giving a nickname to Steve Bannon that he’d already assigned to Michael Moore. Here are the receipts to prove it.

Trump dubbed Moore “Sloppy” back in October, apparently in connection to Moore’s Broadway ambitions, revealing heretofore unknown theater critic credentials. Was Trump giving notes on the production? “Needs a real 11 o’ clock number to wake things up and the blocking is sloppy! Sloppy Michael Moore!”

Moore doesn’t forget a nickname and called out the President for the repetition on Twitter, chalking it up to Trump’s possible undiagnosed dementia.

Then Moore doubled down, calling the whole thing sloppy.

Trump dubbed Bannon “Sloppy Steve” in an effort to distance himself from his former campaign advisor following revelations in Michael Wolff’s blockbuster tell all book, “Fire and Fury.” Bannon is alleged to have given extensive interviews for the book, containing some of the most damning revelations.

Trump has been slamming Bannon in the news all week in response, coining the “Sloppy Steve” moniker on Twitter yesterday.

Just to get some brand recognition out there, Trump re-upped his use of “Sloppy Steve” this morning.

Maybe Michael Moore is right. If Trump is already recycling nicknames, he must really be running out of intellectual steam. Not that it seems like he had all that much to begin with. But if he can’t even muster the energy to come up with new insults, his mental fitness must really be in bad shape.