October 6, 2022

Fox News just forced to admit Obama did better than Trump and Twitter’s having a field day

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Fox News woke up this morning and promptly shoved its foot enthusiastically into its own mouth by effectively contradicting its foundational belief with… facts.


Fox News Research tweeted without comment average monthly job gains going back to 2010, proving Trump’s first year was actually the worst for job gains since 2010.

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Trump has bragged near constantly about record job growth on his watch, taking nonstop credit for a booming economy and the attendant increase in jobs added. It’s one of his favorite lines in his now mind numbingly repetitious script.

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Seriously, he pretty much tweets it out like clockwork.

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He didn’t even wait to take office to take the credit.

All year long, it was his favorite refrain, and he never missed an opportunity to throw in a dig at the “Fake News.”

But with Fox News tweeting out the actual facts, it looks like even his old reliable friends are turning on him. The internet didn’t miss the opportunity to point this out.

Twitter promptly magnified this revelation a hundred times over, with everything from welcoming Fox News to the Resistance to calling out Trump on his own BS.

People didn’t know what to think, since this surprise commitment to unbiased fact was a huge 180 for Fox News.

The question is whether Fox News now qualifies for late entry into Trump’s upcoming Fake News awards.

Some followers pointed out the inherent hypocrisy in the reveal.

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Others focused on how this was actually a huge win for Obama.

And then there was the tried and true response: the “there’s a Trump tweet for everything” approach. Some users just showed the receipts.

The whole thing begs the question, if Fox News is tweeting out undeniable proof that Trump is full of it, does that mean the tide is turning? If even they can’t ignore the indisputable facts, it might be that even Trump’s staunchest supporters are starting to waver. It’s about time.

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