December 1, 2022

Fox News anchor just issued a dire call to action in wake of bombshell Trump book

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Fox News’ Shep Smith jumped in the conversation swirling around Michael Wolff’s salacious new tell all book “Fire and Fury” with a huge demand in a conversation with Chris Wallace today.


Smith called on Trump aides who, the book alleges, consider the president to be mentally incapable of doing his job.

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He said, “Micahel Wolff writes that 100 percent of the people around the president question his fitness for office.”

Smith went on to enthusiastically urge those Trump aides in question to come forward and discredit that statement and to stand by the President.

If however, Trump aides do believe the President of the United States to be mentally unfit for the job of running the most powerful country on earth, then they are duty bound to come forward and do something about it, Smith said.

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“If people close to him believe that he’s unfit, reasons that I don’t have any knowledge about, if they believe that, they have a duty to come forward,” Smith said.

Wallace expressed doubt about all of this, still obviously staunchly in denial about Trump’s mental stability. The whole conversation was something of an intellectual exercise, but still indicates that some of the Fox News stalwarts in Trump’s corner are starting to have some serious doubts.

Shep Smith airing his concerns on live TV is yet another domino to fall in the chain reaction that’s been set off by Michael Wolff’s book. Let’s hope that more former Trump supports start to come around and sound the alarm like it seems as if Shep Smith is doing here. It may be our last line of defense against a totally insane President with a finger on the “nuclear button.”

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