The difference between Trump’s and Obama’s jobs numbers says it all


While Trump has touted himself as the ultimate jobs creator the United States has ever seen, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the final job growth figures of the first year of Trump’s presidency– and they’re telling.

December’s job report shows that a very lukewarm 148,000 jobs were added in the United States this month. This figure is below what the economy added for most of the year.

More telling, however, are the job growth figures over the last six years, post-Great Recession, under President Obama. In 2011, 2.091 million jobs were added; 2.142 million in 2012; 2.302 million in 2013; 2.998 million in 2014; 2.713 million in 2015; 2.24 million in 2016. With Trump’s 2017 job growth figure of 2.055 million, the fewest jobs have been added in the United States since the Great Recession.

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Of course, 2.055 million jobs in a year is steady growth, but for a President who bills himself as a job creator, he is doing nothing whatsoever to differentiate himself from his predecessor; in fact, thus far, he’s not even operating at par with him.



While Trump praises the success of the stock market ad nauseam, the “populist” president overlooks the fact that only 50 percent of Americans own stock, including 401Ks. Per New York University economist Edward Wolff, “as of 2013, the top 1 percent of households by wealth owned nearly 38 percent of all stock shares.” The top 20 percent of Americans own about 92 percent of the stocks. In other words, the vast majority Americans don’t garner any gains from success in the market.

While Trump may certainly lie, the numbers don’t. So far, Trump’s “Make America Great Again agenda” is really not that great.

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