December 10, 2022

Trump just pulled a bizarre “Wizard of Oz”-style stunt in today’s press briefing and Twitter is losing it

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The White House’s daily press briefing went off the rails almost immediately as Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders unveiled a bizarre recording from President Trump on twin television screens, immediately evoking comparisons to the Wizard of Oz or George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.


Even though he was a few hundred feet away, the President couldn’t be bothered to address the press briefing himself and instead allowed Teleprompter Trump to recite a trite list of enormously exaggerated boasts about his “accomplishments.”

It’s only the latest weirdness in a profoundly bizarre week that began with the President comparing the size of his “nuclear bomb” button to that Kim Jong-un’s and proceeded into a wild day of rumor and scandal from the Fire and Fury book revelations.

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And it’s only Thursday.

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Social media, for its part, immediately recognized the potential for hilarity and quickly got to work.

Here’s a selection of the best responses:

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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