December 10, 2022

Stephen Colbert just responded to Trump’s “Fake News Awards” with an epic prank

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Stephen Colbert had the perfect response to “President” Donald Trump’s Tuesday tweet announcing “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR.”


The puckish late-night host countered Trump’s outrageous announcement by putting up a “For Your Consideration” billboard in New York’s Times Square, resembling the kind of awards ad campaigns studios mount for the Golden Globes and the Oscars.


The categories for which Colbert suggested himself in Trump’s awards competition, which the comedian has dubbed “The Fakies,” include: “Outstanding Achievement in Parroting [Democratic mega-donor] George Soros Talking Points,” “The Eric Trump Memorial Award for Disappointment,” and “Dishonestest Corruption.”

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Another notable category was “smallest button,” a send-up of Trump’s tweet earlier this week taunting North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un about the size of his “Nuclear Button.”

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The president’s “fake news” lies have emboldened Un’s fellow authoritarians around the world to use disinformation campaigns against their own citizens.

Trump himself rode fake news churned out by Russian-backed Macedonian trolls all the way to the U.S. presidency, only to pervert the term as an epithet intended to discredit the investigative journalism that reports the facts of his life and presidency — all of which are vile, and therefore uniformly unflattering.   

Embattled by Special Prosecutor Mueller’s ever-advancing Russia investigation and Michael Wolff’s bombshell exposé Fire and Fury, Trump will stop at nothing to try to disprove the facts unraveling the last shreds of credibility to which he clings.

Therefore, he attacks the free press.

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If he goes forward with his plan to host his preposterous “fake news awards” on Monday, like the failed reality show host that he is, he will have reduced the greatness of the American presidency to a vulgar farce.

And that is no laughing matter.


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Lucia Brawley

Lucia Brawley is a Harvard- and Yale-educated writer, producer, actor, and political organizer. She runs the progressive political Facebook group Consenting to Lead. To learn more, please go to Follow her on Twitter: @luciabrawley

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