December 1, 2022

Trump threatened nuclear war on Twitter. Vicente Fox’s response is all of us

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Trump put the world on edge yesterday with an afternoon taunt that basically threatened to start a nuclear war.


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada knows a little something about machismo and called out Trump this morning for his failed attempt at it.

Trump has been in an ongoing war of words with the North Korean leader virtually since the day he took office.

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On New Year’s Day, Kim Jong Un upped the ante with a televised address in which he debuted a new look and a new and improved nuclear arsenal. It was there that he revealed the desktop location of his “nuclear button.”

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It was that declaration that seems to have sent the President into a rage, issuing this crazy tweet just before happy hour yesterday.

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The President’s idea of nuclear “diplomacy” sent shockwaves across Twitter and the civilized world. Everyone from political officials to minor celebrities took to the tweet waves to worry whether this was a declaration of nuclear war or if this nuclear pissing contest was just another little temper tantrum between tin pot dictators.

Take it from a real world leader, Vicente Fox Quesada is not impressed. This is no way to avoid a major international crisis.

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