Trump just fired back at Bannon with a humiliating official statement

After excerpts of a new book on Trump Fire and Fury leaked this morning, revealing that white nationalist Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon shivved President Trump in the back in an interview with the book’s author Michael Wolff,  the President spewed forth an excoriating disavowal of his erstwhile BFF.

In the interview, Bannon calls the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Kremlin intelligence agents, “treasonous,” and said there was no way Junior didn’t walk the Russian spies upstairs to Papa.

Bannon and Trump two maintained a semblance of closeness even after Bannon was forced to resign from the White House in August, with the arrival of new chief of staff, General John Kelly.

He had previously served as Trump’s campaign chairman, after now-indicted Paul Manafort was forced to step down due to his innumerable ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

Paul Manafort had replaced Corey Lewandowski, who was caught on tape physically assaulting a woman journalist from FOX News.

Once referred to as “President” Bannon for his outsized sway over Trump’s white nationalist views, the accused wife beater parted ways with the President when he supported credibly accused child molester Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate primary.

Though Trump endorsed Moore and had the Republican National Committee resume funding his campaign after the child molestation accusations emerged, his relationship with Bannon was never the same.

Bannon’s credibility as a fascist kingmaker took a massive blow after Moore’s loss to Democrat Doug Jones.  Trump also took a big hit.

Now, they’re turning on each other.

Though Bannon may think he’s saving himself from being collateral damage from Special Prosecutor Mueller’s Russia investigation by throwing the President under the bus, in fact he’s proving he knew Trump was treasonous all along and worked with him anyway.

He must not know that aiding and abetting treason is a crime unto itself.

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