December 6, 2022

Trump Jr. is currently losing it on Twitter over Bannon bombshells

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War is tearing through the #MAGA camp in the wake of the announcement that former White House Chief Strategist and putrid overlord of right-wing online rag Breitbart News has finally stabbed the Trump administration squarely in the back.


A new deep-dive book about the inner workings of the Trump team has been penned by journalist Michael Wolff, and early excerpts are already proving to be incredibly inflammatory. In interviews with the author, Bannon accuses Donald Trump Jr. of “treasonous” behavior and adds that there is “zero chance” that then-candidate Donald Trump didn’t meet with Russians in Trump Tower.

As soon as the explosive news hit the internet, President Trump fired back at his former confidant and strategist in a lengthy, angry statement in which he accused Bannon of losing his mind, removing any doubt that at least a hefty chunk of the book excerpts are true.

Now, another lickspittle member of the Trump campaign has come out swinging against Bannon. Donald Trump Jr., perhaps seeing prison bars in his future if Steve Bannon’s accusations are proven to be true, started to lose it on Twitter.

Sahil Kapur of Bloomberg News tweeted out that Alabama now has a Senator who’s a Democrat and one who is a former Democrat, a reference to the victorious Doug Jones and already-serving Richard Shelby, a Republican who used to be a Democrat.

Jones won a Senate special election, beating out accused pedophile, Republican Roy Moore, who was foisted onto the people of Alabama by Steve Bannon, who even flew to the state to campaign for the serial predator. Moore lost, and Bannon suffered a humiliating ding against his reputation as some kind of brilliant, populist whisperer.

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Always the good little nepotistic soldier for his father, Donald Trump Jr. saw Kapur’s tweet, and immediately responded to it, pouncing on Bannon and sarcastically thanking him for getting Jones elected.

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He then took another shot Bannon by pointing out that he was losing his audience at Breitbart News, the source of all of Bannon’s (possibly waning) power.

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He then returned to the previous topic by getting another dig in about the Roy Moore loss.

Not yet done, he circled back to Breitbart, saying that Andrew Breitbart, the namesake of the publication and a fearful, small-minded rightwinger in his own right, would have been ashamed of the website’s current state.

The Trump era is imploding faster than most expected. As these sycophants and conmen tear each other apart like cannibalistic rats, the world will finally see just what craven, unpatriotic lifeforms they truly area. Hopefully, Robert Mueller finishes up his investigation soon and puts them all out of their misery.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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