The Daily News just broke the internet with tomorrow’s brutal Trump-Bannon feud cover

Another one of Trump’s hometown papers revealed tomorrow’s cover, taking aim at the latest development in palace intrigue.

The Daily News unveiled its January 4 cover commentary on the shots fired today between Trump and his former number Two, Steve Bannon. The cover features Trump and Bannon as chickens with the headline “Cuck Fight.”

Excerpts from an explosive new book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” emerged today, spilling tea about the Trump White House and everyone therein.

The most controversial parts quoted an interview with Bannon where he describes a 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian nationals as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

That’s what set the President off on his former trusted advisor. It prompted him to personally dictate a statement issued by the White House today, distancing himself from Steve Bannon.

Bannon was widely considered to be the architect of the Trump campaign’s stunning 2016 win in the presidential election. He occupying rarefied real estate in the West Wing until August 2016, when he was forced out.

New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman pointed out the hypocrisy in Trump’s denouncement of Bannon today, resorting to the tried and true “there’s a tweet for everything” approach.

There’s no way around it, Trump got in bed with Steve Bannon and now he’s going to have to live with the consequences. Let’s hope this is the first of many times there are consequences for Trump’s getting in bed with someone.