December 8, 2022

Anthony Scaramucci just waded into today’s Trump-Bannon war

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One week into his new position as White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci regaled former New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza with an expletive-laden rant against many of Donald Trump’s top White House aides, including Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and most notably, Steve Bannon.


Scaramucci said the former senior adviser liked to “[s*ck] his own c**k,” meaning he is a shameless self-promoter.

Thus ended the shortest tenure for a White House Communications Director in American history.

After this morning’s outbreak of all-out war between President Trump and Bannon, who after being forced to resign from the White House, resumed his post as Breitbart chairman, Scaramucci took to Twitter to do a victory lap.

He may have been fired for attacking Bannon, but today he feels vindicated.

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Donald Trump Jr. gave Scaramucci a belated vote of confidence for the sentiments behind his foul tirade.

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Trump Jr. had reason to feel outraged at Bannon.  The white nationalist once called “President” Bannon for his power over Trump’s ideology and policies, like the Muslim travel ban, said in a book interview that leaked today that Junior’s June 9, 2016 meeting with Kremlin agents was “treasonous.”

Bannon added that there was no way Junior didn’t walk the Russian spies upstairs to his dad’s office to offer him dirt on Hillary Clinton in exchange for lifting sanctions against Russia for their invasion of the Ukraine.

Trump Jr. undoubtedly wants to bury Bannon before Bannon buries the Trumps, who are being investigated for conspiracy with Russia against the United States.

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The First Son pointed out that Bannon’s own minions on Breitbart are turning their trollish venom against their own creator for his betrayal of the President.

As Bannon loses power by backing failing white supremacist candidates like credibly accused child molester Roy Moore, and the Trumps face Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s ever-advancing Russia investigation, the rats on the sinking Republican ship are trampling each other trying to find safe ground.

But no matter high on the deck they get, they’re still going down.

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