Trump just threatened nuclear war. Twitter’s response is beyond hilarious


Tonight, President Trump set the world on edge by raising the stakes in his online nuclear pissing contest with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un with this tweet.

Trump has been in an ongoing war of words with the North Korean leader virtually since the day he took office.

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On New Year’s Day, Kim Jong Un upped the ante with a televised address in which he debuted a new look and a new and improved nuclear arsenal. It was there that he revealed the desktop location of his “nuclear button.”

It was that declaration that seems to have sent the President into a rage, after a long day of rollicking tweets directed at all corners of the map.

After taking aim at everyone from Pakistan to “Fake News,” Trump turned his sights on his nemesis, “Little Rocket Man.”


But all this chest pounding and nuclear posturing isn’t rallying the support of the people, it seems to be having the opposite affect. Trump’s unhinged twitter style, when mixed with the high stakes of potential nuclear war doesn’t really inspire confidence in the leader.

Twitter didn’t waste a moment in firing back at Trump for his trigger happy approach to social media.

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