Trump just made his most terrifyingly delusional brag yet

The Trump presidency was such an utter, unmitigated failure in its first year that our reality show, conman, leader has taken to regularly claiming minor achievements as if they were monumental wins.

One of his favorite topics is the healthy economy and job growth, although most of the credit there truly goes to President Obama who guided the country out of a terrible recession. It’s as if Trump wants to be praised for somehow managing to not tank the economy singlehandedly within 365 days.

Now, he’s sunk to a pathetic, odd new low. The president took to Twitter today to take credit for the fact that there were zero aviation deaths in 2017.

He claims to have been “very strict” on commercial aviation, although what that could possibly mean is totally unclear. Would he have us believe that pilots somehow decided to start flying safer once he was sworn in? That airplanes themselves suddenly became less prone to crashes?

It’s a nonsensical claim and demonstrates just how desperate he is to have more victories under his belt. He claimed during the campaign that his supporters would get “tired of winning,” but so far all he’s managed to do is not repeal Obamacare and ram through a regressive tax bill that saddles the middle class with higher taxes in the long term so that the super rich can snatch up bigger tax cuts. The Trump era is off to a disastrous start. He tweeted:

Not surprisingly, Twitter users were quick to pile onto the president for his delusional message.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe pointed out the deeply ironic fact that when Trump tried to start his own airline a plane promptly failed and was forced to do a crashing landing. In other words, the president doesn’t exactly have the best record with aviation safety.

Once again, Trump has embarrassed himself in front of the entire world. The sooner he’s booted from office, the sooner that the United States can set about the colossal task of rebuilding its global reputation.