Trump just got awful news about one of his biggest golf courses

Another one of President Trump’s golf courses has reported heavy losses in revenue for 2016, the year Trump’s attention was dominated by his campaign for the presidency.

The course, Trump International Golf Links Ireland, reported a $2.3 million loss for the year, according to financial documents. The Trump Organization invested over $32 million in renovations on the course after acquiring the property in 2016.

The $2.3 million loss took place in the first year the course was open free and clear; revenues faired better in 2015 when the course was still undergoing heavy renovations.

That says a lot about just how bad of an impact Trump’s reputation has on his businesses in places where he’s perceived as deeply unpopular. Trump in the 24-hour news cycle is more detrimental to the ambience there than the dulcet tones of yearlong heavy construction.

The Irish club’s manager reported that he expected the club to lose money in 2017 as well, though that wouldn’t be known for sure until filings in late 2018.

This is not the first Trump golf course to take a hit as a result of the President’s declining popularity around the world.

Trump’s two Scottish golf courses doubled their losses in 2016, for a total of $24 million in lost revenue, running contrary to his claims about Scottish love for Trump Golf.

The Scottish people reserve their choicest Scottish insults for the President whenever he sticks his nose in their Scottish business these days. Following his endorsement of Brexit, Scottish Twitter really sounded off.

Trump courses outside Los Angeles and New York also both reported declining revenue as well. Not surprisingly, Trump’s popularity is decidedly low in those blue coastal enclaves. Looks like a bad reputation is not good for business.