December 1, 2022

Elizabeth Warren just made an unprecedented move ahead of 2020 election

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Republicans have a new threat gearing up for 2020 and it’s more serious than ever. Democrat darling Elizabeth Warren has just accomplished something no other Senator in modern history has ever done.


Elizabeth Warren has collected $12.8 million in campaign funds. That’s more than any incumbent senator this early in an election cycle has ever done.

Not only that, but the regular thorn in the President’s side has also managed to build trust and relationships with key Democrats who were once skeptical of her.

The Massachusetts Senator was once known for keeping her head down and her nose to the grindstone, and was not receptive when supporters begged her to take action and jump into the race in 2016.

That’s decidedly not the case now.

She’s establishing a track record on foreign policy, something she really didn’t focus on in the past.

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She’s gotten her face and her message out there with very public appeals on the Senate floor, like this one, during the (lack of) debate over Tax Reform.

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And in the moment that made her on the national stage, Elizabeth Warren became a meme when after Senate Republicans blocked her from speaking on the Senate floor last February.

Warren was interrupted and reprimanded in the middle of a reading of a 1968 letter by Coretta Scott King protesting the nomination of Jeff Sessions’ for a federal judgeship. Speaker Mitch McConnell shut her down for allegedly “impugning another senator.”

His words were immortalized when Hillary Clinton tweeted them out with a video of Warren reading the whole letter uninterrupted.

That may have been the moment that made her.

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Now she looks to be making real moves to prepare for a serious challenge in 2020. She’s mending fences with former opponents like JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

She’s gotten the support of Democratic heavyweights like Bernie Sanders, who posted on instagram in December in support of her.

She’s warming up to the press she once denied access to. And she’s staffing up a team of aides who are scouring her background for potential weak spots.

That’s a lot of movement for someone who’s not looking to make a big move to the national stage. Looks like the Republicans might have to do more than just wait and see.

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