Bryan Cranston just trolled Trump mercilessly about his airline safety boasts


Bryan Cranston, the actor who brought high school teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin Walter White to life on Breaking Bad, was very appreciative of President Trump’s latest tweet on American commercial airline safety today. So much so that he felt compelled to issue a public thank you to the President, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Trump took credit for the fact that in 2017 there were no reported deaths on a United States-certificated scheduled airline operating anywhere in the world in an early morning tweet.

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As Forbes magazine pointed out in an article last year, “This probably should no longer qualify as ‘news,'” since it is now the eighth straight year in a row that this is the case.

While Twitter exploded with the reactions of people outraged that President would try to take credit for even this achievement rather than properly assign responsibility to the pilots, airlines, transportation safety officials & air traffic control personnel who truly deserve the praise for the accomplishment, Mr. Cranston took a different approach in his response.

Knowing that Trump is severely addicted to flattery, gorging on praise to feed his ravenously voracious ego, Cranston decided to applaud the President’s stewardship of air safety and request that he apply his obviously omnipotent powers to other areas of danger as well.


While gun deaths, cancer, heart attacks, and other maladies and catastrophes could be added to the list, your suggestions are a great place for Trump to start, Mr. Cranston. And your insight into how to manipulate the President’s priorities through lavish praise is quite useful as well. Is that a trick you picked up from the Chinese, the Saudis, or from Putin himself? Just asking.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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