A top Democrat just obliterated Trump in a scathingly personal New Years’ attack [WATCH]


Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) decided to go out with the old on New Year’s Eve, venting a year’s worth of frustration with President Trump in a vitriolic interview on MSNBC yesterday.

The congressman is one of the few Democrats who have jumped on the impeachment train early, joining five other Democratic representatives in the House in sponsoring articles of impeachment against Trump in November.

Rep. Cohen unleashed a verbal assault on the President, saying:

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“Donald Trump is the most despicable human being to ever reside in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

“A narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change,” he continued. “It endangers the country. And war…is something he could get into to improve the ratings for the [2018] elections, where they [Republicans] are in desperate shape.”

Cohen’s all-out condemnation of the President comes after a series of tweets that Trump has sent in the past few days attacking Iran and leading many to believe that he is capable of starting a new war or simply expanding the existing conflicts in the Middle East to distract the public from his investigatory woes in the Russian collusion scandal that he so vociferously denies, but that refuses to disappear.

Given Trump’s historically low approval ratings as President, it’s clear that many people share his opinion. Hopefully, all of those people will turn out to the polls in the 2018 mid-term elections, so Democrats can regain a majority in the House and Rep. Cohen’s articles of impeachment can actually move forward under a more politically favorable Congressional leadership.

You can watch the interview with Congressman Cohen’s blistering comments here:


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Vinnie Longobardo

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